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We ensure that our network of registered Distributor are trained leaders and consumers gets best with special benefits and profitable opportunities, thanks to the increasing dominance of direct selling industry in the world. Good quality and best services to consumer constitute the company's objectives. This clearly demonstrates that the group is genuinely concerned and dedicated to the overall progress of business referral partners and shall be bringing out more quality to enhance their business volume.

DKs Good Food Products,Which started its operation in the year 2010,is now becoming a leading direct selling in India whith all Food Products.We are growing constantly at a phenomenal rate.

We began as a small town enterprise in India is today growing very fast. Dks Good Food is a way of life for Indians,No matter which state they live in. We believe in Empowering our members with the opportunity to lead their lives as their own terms,With a motto of Spreading business with Food Products.

What is Single Leg

Single leg business plan is also called as straight line, linear, single leg or one-legged pay plan. We can understand the concept of the plan from the name itself. The biggest advantage of the monoline plan is its simplicity. The every member will placed in the single line and the income is completely its based on the company effort.

In the MLM Composition plans, the Single leg Business Plan is one of the effective MLM plans for the network marketers who are looking forward to get an opportunity to earn more and seeking to join in the multilevel marketing business plan to make excellent growth in MLM business.

The plan is more simple and clear with incredible thing about this plan is that it is very closely related to the matrix plan. Here the new users can join in the system in straight or monoline structure where the referral and indirect bonus for the downline user by placing the user one below other with simple nature.